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Caravan Park, UK

Rural caravan park – domestic sewage

The Problem

Caravan parks are seasonal. They are busier at weekends than during the week. They are busier in July than they are in March. So the flow into the wastewater treatment plant will always be variable. A low flow may mean the wastewater has low Dissolved Oxygen. A high flow may lead to overloading of contamination. Often the plant operator has little control over the cleaning products used in the caravans. bleach and other biocides may be used by holiday makers, which will kill the good microbes in the wastewater treatment plant and compromise plant performance.

This caravan park in Cumbria was typical. The bar and restaurant was open all year. The caravan park was open for nine months of the year. Wastewater from the caravans, the toilet block and the restaurant all collected in a holding tank below the carpark. This was then pumped under a road to the Packaged Treatment Plant (PTP) and a soakaway in a field opposite.

Fats collected on the pump and around the walls in the holding tank. This affected performance of the pump. At times of low flow, the wastewater in the PTP was not being allowed to circulate, which lead to malodours.

New owners of the property came across these problems, which got worse as the restaurant and caravan park were improved and became more popular.

The Solution

We quickly recognized that the pumps needed servicing (in one case replacing) and that the soakaway was undersized. We liaised with local contractors to correct these.

We recommended the regular addition of EnBac® B500, we also recommended EnBac® L1000 as a cleaner, and the use of UR Blocks in the toilet block.

We helped the owners draw up a letter to the caravan owners politely asking them to use only biologically friendly cleaners.

The Results

There are no build ups of Fats, Oils and Greases on the walls and pump in the holding tank. There have been no reported pump failures. There have been no further reports of malodours. EnBac® B500 has now been successfully used at these premises for over 12 years.