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Piltdown Golf Club, Sussex UK

Waste Water Treatment Plant with high BOD and TSS levels in a Golf Club.

The Problem

Like many golf clubs situated in semi-rural areas, Piltdown Golf Club has its own wastewater treatment plant. The waste water treatment plant is approximately 15 years old. This services the changing rooms and the kitchen. It would appear that the waste water treatment plant has not been performing well for a number of years. The decision to contract-out the laundry services was taken about three years ago. The Environment Agency (EA) had written to the Club threatening enforcement action because BOD levels and TSS levels were frequently up to four times permitted levels.

The Solution

We originally recommended a dose of twelve 25g sachets per day of EnBac® SK1 dosed into different points (sinks and drains) in the kitchen areas. This was based on our estimate of the wastewater sent to the wastewater treatment plant, using British Water’s Flow and Loads guidelines.

The Results

BOD levels dropped within weeks, so we were confident that the dosage rate could be reduced.

We gradually reduced the dosage. At 7 sachets per day, BOD was still within permitted levels. At 5 sachets per day BOD exceeded permitted levels. So, the dose is now 7 sachets per day. BOD and Suspended Solids are now within permitted levels.

The Secretary is back out on the green.