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About Our Customers


All our customers are important to us, but some use our services, and supply our products in different ways. To get the best from this website, you may like to look at the following description and see which best describes you.

People or companies who look after wastewater treatment plants.

People or companies who supply EnBac® products (and usually other services) to Plant Operators.
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Companies who purchase products from us, but sell the product under their own brand. These companies usually offer a high level of service and technical advice, often including designing, installing and even operating wastewater treatment plants.
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We’ve tried to arrange the rest of the information on this site on separate pages for Plant Operators, Distributors and Own Label Distributors so that you can find what you want easily and quickly. But all the pages are open for anyone to see.

If you don’t see what you need – please call or email.

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We also have an online shop for individuals and small businesses in the hospitality trade. So, if you have a septic tank, or are interested in biological cleaners for your home, caravan, boat, or if you run a hotel, guest house, B&B or restaurant, you may want to check out…..