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Overview of Bio Systems


We manufacture powders and liquids designed to help treat contaminated wastewater and contaminated land.

We aim to provide our products to all sectors of the wastewater treatment industry and the land remediation industry: End-users, Distributors and companies who may wish to “own-label” our products. We aim to get our products to our customers quickly and efficiently.

We also aim to provide our customers with clear information about our products and with appropriate technical advice for the application they are dealing with, again, quickly and efficiently.

Our Directors and staff have decades of experience in treating wastewater in thousands of applications across dozens of industries, from the smallest septic tank to the largest municipal treatments plants in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.

We have Distributors in many parts of the world – Malaysia, South Africa, the Middle East and most countries in Europe. Our Distributors are experienced professionals, who usually have a good supply of our product in stock. So, we can often provide local advice and supply products to you quickly in an ever larger area around the world.