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EnBac® is the new brand-name for the products manufactured and distributed by Bio-Systems Corporation Limited.

Our aim is to get great quality EnBac® products to our Distributors and Customers as quickly and as efficiently as we can, and back that up with timely and appropriate technical advice if they need it.

Great Products, Great Support, Great Prices.

Bio-Systems’ products are formulated to provide effective solutions using ingredients that do not cause damage to our environment. Our products contain micro-organisms known as bacteria. These specifically selected good-bacteria are used in a process called bioaugmentation, which is an established and eco-friendly way of treating waste and associated problems without using harmful chemicals. It’s called bioaugmentation because our products augment (or, add to) the existing population of bacteria (or, biomass). 

Our bioaugmentation products can be applied to wastewater from a number of industries and to domestic sewage.

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